Roofing Repairs Edinburgh BroomieKnowe Property


Roofing Repairs Edinburgh BrommieKnowe Property – Midlothian Roofing Services, a popular local roofing contractor covering the Lothians  who are Traditional Roofers based in Edinburgh. The project began with us conducting a photographic roof survey of the property in Broomieknowe, Lasswade.

Bay window detail. The customer was looking to do a roof renewal. The roof area was suffering from nail rot, where all lead flashings and cast Rhone’s were found to be in need of a complete renewal.


During the reslating process, all Rhone hooks have been renewed with heavy duty style secured to timber rafters using galvanized screws, new best grade cast iron Rhone’s have been installed


Roof was fully stripped of all existing roof slates, all timber sarking was de-nailed and thoroughly checked for rot and other infestations, a timber preservation oil was applied to the entire area followed by a new breathable felt, the roof was re-slated using previously removed roof slates allowing for a top us of Burlington roof slates to match existing


New raggle channels were cut into the existing stone using a diamond-tipped grinder to ensure new lead fully returns into the property, code 5 lead was installed fully welded and patinated to seal


A new closed pein style ridge detail neatly cut into position with code 3 lead soakers beneath to keep water tight, all raggle channels pointed with a polysulphide silicon as per British standard procedure

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