Claremont Court

Claremont Court

Asphalt Roof Repair With Felt Edinburgh at Claremont Court


Asphalt Roof Repair With Felt Edinburgh by Midlothian Roofing – Our flat roofing services were brought to Claremont Court in Edinburgh when a roof required a new asphalt/felt surface. The project pictures show the amount of deterioration that the roof had suffered prior to our intervention to provide a replacement roof surface.

Claremont Court Edinburgh – Photographic roof survey

Photograph one shows a before photograph of an asphalt roof which was showing signs of wear and tear.


Photograph two shows a before photograph of the roof, there are kerb edgings which prevent water from escaping to outlets, these will be removed where necessary.


Photograph three shows a before photo of the roof which requires a complete refelting.


Photograph four shows a during photo of the roof which has been thoroughly cleaned, coated in a bitumouse primer and the beginning first layer of 2mm thick felt fully heated bonded.


Photograph five shows a 2mm thick layer being heat applied by the team.


Photograph six shows the finished green mineral layer installed to the property to create a nice clean finish.


Photograph seven shows new green mineral finish with neat detail and well sealed laps.


Photograph eight shows the large area of roof which is now completed.


Photograph nine shows some more finishing detail.

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