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Velux Curved Glass Roof Window Installers Transform Edinburgh Kitchen Extension – The Perfect Daylight Solution

Take a lovely extension space in a 1930s Bungalow in Edinburgh with a flat roof that had a little bit of a daylight problem. Now, add in a team of professional Velux Curved Glass Roof Window Installers, and read and watch what a happy customer looks like.

The customer was more than satisfied with how it now looked and also how quickly it was for their new curved velux rooflight to be installed.

The extension with its flat roof was already in place when the couple bought the house but they found the space was actually quite gloomy.

It didn’t help that the extension was North facing. And, despite putting patio doors with hope that this might create the extra light required, these unfortunately still did not produce enough light. This was a really common problem for the couple especially with a North facing extension. It was thought that by  having all this patio door glass this would flood the kitchen extension area with light. But it still remained dull and uninviting.

Velux Curved Glass Rooflight Window Solves Extension Daylight Solution

Of course there was a really simple solution to improve daylight light flooding into this flat roof extension, it was the Velux Curved Glass Rooflight that just flooded the room with light.

This 1930’s bungalow had the extension added in the early 1980’s. Like most extensions at the time it was created with a flat zinc roof.

When professional roofing contractors Midlothian Roofing Services of Edinburgh who are Velux Approved Rooflight Installers were contracted to fit the curved glass rooflight, MD Stuart Hill found there was no need to replace the whole roof.

After just one day of work, by Stuart’s professional Velux Curved Glass Roof Window Installers, the new roof window was installed with no mess and no fuss. For the satisfied customer it looked stunning inside and out. And it was quite a transformation, the difference that just one rooflight could make to the room. The customer felt like they had just gotten another brand new extension.  And the finished result – well despite it being a typical dull slightly overcast day in the video, just look at the amount of daylight that is just flooding into the room space.

Velux Roof Window for Flat Roof

What the customer loved hearing from Stuart Hill at Midlothian Roofing when he arrived to quote for the job was that there was no problems to overcome with the extensions flat roof that was currently in place.

Stuart’s team arrived on time, and were busy from the off with everything all done and squared away in no time at all.

A favourite feature of the Velux Curved Rooflight for the customer is that it is automated and the window can be opened in no time at all. Of course the main feature for the customer about this rooflight window is its curved edge design. That means rain water just runs off and you get no pooling of water on the roof and no ugly water stains and you always have a completely clear view.

An Incredible Flat Roof Transformation Making Clever Use of Natural Daylight

What dark space do you have in your home that has a flat roof to accommodate one of these incredible Velux Curved Rooflights?

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