Essex Rd

Essex Rd

Flat Roof Repairs Edinburgh Essex Road by Midlothian Roofing

Flat Roof Repairs Edinburgh Essex Road carried out by local roofers Midlothian Roofing Ltd.

The project starts with a before photograph of the roof this customer inherited when he bought the property, this was a single ply material which was installed poorly from timber run to outlets and more importantly the material laid in place, several flash band repairs were used to prevent more water ingress from previous roofing contractor

This photgraph illustrates rain water ponding behind the box gutter gully and also in the gutter, an insufficient run to out let was previously installed before single ply materials were laid.

Photograph three shows more poor repairs to single ply and disused Ariel’s a disused tanking box was left on the roof, this will also be removed before new roof works are to be installed

The finished article: this roof was stripped right down to timber joists where new timber declivity’s were installed to completely transfer all rainwater to one outlet, this roof has been installed one full week prior to this picture being taken and is completely rain and water free

Another angle of the roof, new 150mm insulation was installed prior to finish GRP Fiberglass to create a completely seamless roof with a 25 year Guarantee.

We removed the existing disused water tank and redesigned the timber structures, GRP fiberglass provides a clean seamless finish with over 150 different colours to choose from (grey as standard)

All works are completed in house by our fully trained staff

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