Fraser Suites

Fraser Suites

Fraser Suites The Mound Edinburgh


Photograph one shows the front elevation of the Fraser Suites hotel in Edinburgh, roof works were carried out to the entire building.


Photograph two shows one of our level 3 rope access team repairing roof slates to match existing.


Photograph three shows one of our assailers re-pointing a section around a window using traditional lime mortar.


Photograph four shows how the team access these areas fully secured to a man safe system ensuring two points of contact at all times.


Photograph five shows roof slates being repaired to match traditional existing scotch all secured using copper nails.


Photograph six shows a new mortar skew haunching being installed to prevent further water ingress to the property.


Photograph six shows new skew haunching being tooled to a smooth finish.


Photograph seven shows our men accessing a difficult area safely to repoint masonry and window sealant.

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