Photographic roof survey – Gilmerton Road Edinburgh


Photograph one shows a zinc detail which was believed to be the existing from when the property was built and found to be in need of renewal, the area was peppered with small holes and in poor condition, existing render was also found to be boss and cracked to low level area only.


Photograph two shows a straight channel has been cut out from this render to a solid surface, new code 5 milled lead has been installed and fully welded into position to conform with British standards, new steel beads have been installed to the chimney stack and a scratch coat render applied.


Photograph three shows new lead work installed with two coatings of patanation oil with new polysulphide mastic seal at raggles and abutments to allow for new lead to expand and retract without damaging new rendering.


Photograph four shows new rendering to match existing re-harled with a Y 35 mix and an amber Baltic chipping stone, new render is drying out nicely to match existing ( drying out process will take around two weeks before the full effects are visible)


Photograph five shows new code 5 lead was installed in larger sections than the previous zinc detail, this allowed for a removal of a unsightly curved course of roof tiles to the rear of chimney stack, a new clean finish was left with roof tiles level straight through the rear to tie in with the ridge side, new lead was finished with neat welds into position

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