Harling Roughcasting

Harling and Roughcasting Services in Edinburgh

The seasonal extreme changes in Edinburgh weather ensures that the exterior of our properties can take a strong beating in the gale force winds and rain. Protecting the outside of your property with harling will help reduce any weather related damage. Midlothian Roofing Services are specialists in all aspects of harling and roughcasting. We have the necessary skill and experience to carry out harling & roughcasting work on domestic and commercial properties.



Harling involves coating the walls with a mixture of lime and sand as a form of cement, and stone aggregate. It is also sometimes known as pebble dashing.

There are various finishes that can be achieved. There is an initial wall coating, or rendering, which puts on the waterproof layer. This is then finished off with in a variety of ways.   Pebbledashing is  the most popular form of finish, and usually consists of very small stone chip being thrown at the wall, so that they adhere to the waterproof coating,  and give a pleasing look to the eye. The chips come in different colours, although the most popular are the very light, slightly shaded varieties.


Midlothian Roofing Services are a company who can be relied upon to get the harling or roughcasting job done properly, finished to a guaranteed very high standard, within the estimated time and budget. Client references can be requested via e-mail enquiry for your peace of mind to assure you that the company you’re dealing with are reliable and work to only the highest standards possible.

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