Repairs & Roof Maintenance

Roof Repairs and Roof Maintenance by Edinburgh Roofers

Edinburgh Roofers MRS Edinburgh Roofing Services have decades of experience in all aspects of roof repairs and roof maintenance. Roofs are not considered a maintenance issue usually until its too late. Disaster has struck because the roof was no longer structurally sound. It is after all the lid on your house keeping you warm and dry. Yet building in some annual maintenance as a first step means when the harsh weather months come around you have piece of mind that your roof is prepared as much as it can be to battle the elements.  Our inspections are not set out to deliberately find faults, but roofing can deteriorate over time and small leaks can begin to appear that go unnoticed for a while inside your loft and possibly end up costing you more to repair because it had not not been identified earlier. So, planning to build in an general annual roof maintenance contract especially on older buildings in Edinburgh can bring long term benefits of not facing a huge roof repair bill at a later date.

Storm Damage Roof Repairs

We offer fast and effective roofing repairs should your roof become damaged in a storm. We will come to your location directly following your call, and our skilled team will perform any repairs or replacement work to your roof

Commercial & Domestic Roofs

Our experience the roofing industry has seen us complete minor and major roofing projects for both domestic and commercial requirements. Any roof can be surveyed and restored with repairs, or we can build an entire new roof.

Free Roof Estimates…

Roof surveys come completely free of charge, and will determine the extent of any damage or assess any new roofing requirements. We specialise in all types of roofing work from minor repairs to full new installations.

We can carry out all types of roof repairs and roof maintenance including lead flashing, flat roof repairs, gutter cleaning to clearing choked downpipes & rhones. When you have a problem with your roof, call Midlothian Roofing Services in Edinburgh because it’s important to have it fixed as soon as possible to minimalise any damage. It may only mean one slate or tile needs replaced or the pointing may need repaired but in order to keep your roof watertight, such problems need fixed quickly to protect the roof.

Roof Repairs & Roof Maintenance Services By Leading Edinburgh Roofers

At Midlothian Roofing Services we only use the best roofing materials available to ensure all our work survives all tests of extreme weather. Our reputation as being one of Edinburgh & the Lothian’s leading roof maintenance contractors has been built on carrying out work to the highest standards possible and giving our customers a service they can rely on to be the best around.

Watch out for Us a Local Business Networking Events in Edinburgh

We look towards attending a select number of events across Edinburgh and the Lothians on occasions so that we can get out and meet business owners, hoteliers, Landlords who might reside in some of Edinburgh’s oldest and most established buildings. It gives us a chance in a relaxed and informal atmosphere to talk to businesses about their roofing maintenance. We are also keen to seek out Private House Builders who might be looking to build a long term relationship with roofers who have traditional roof building skills.

For further information and advice please contact us.

Benefit of Service

Why use Edinburgh Roofing Services

We are one of the most well known and respected roofing cotractors in the Edinburgh, We have 100s of great reviews and we adhere to the stricktest of standards. We also emply the best people for the job and we vet all employees and contractors that we use.

  • 100s Of Excellent Reviews
  • All Types Of Roofing Covered
  • Full After Service Support
  • 24/7 Emergency Repairs
  • A Larger Workforce
  • Quick Turnaround
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