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Leadwork on Lead Roofs 

Roof leadwork craftsmen using traditional techniques to the highest standards.

Our portfolio covers all aspects of  lead work including:

  • Lead flat roofs
  • Welded fabrication
  • Lead dormer tops and cheeks
  • Lead lined gutters
  • Lead roof flashing
  • Lead roof dressing techniques

Leadwork Roofing Specialists Company In Edinburgh

Midlothian Roofing Services cover all aspects of lead flashing work which is also known as lead work.leadwork

Every roof today will have some form of lead flashing which may be exposed or concealed.

Over the years we have been approached to conduct all types of lead work services includes all flashing works to – roofing – valley flanks, valley gutters, wall head gutters, parapet gutters, skews, aprons, cover flashings, flat roofs dressed over timber bottles, insert and weld expansion joints.

Lead is more durable and lasts three times longer than other man made products. It’s also more carbon friendly as lead has the lowest carbon footprint of all hard metals and is up to 100% recyclable. It is more economical than any man made alternative as lead is 100% more cost effective.

First and most importantly if you are having lead flashing installed whether its roofing or cladding always make sure you are using a reliable contractor that has previous experience in installing lead flashing, The common faults are poor installation as this will shorten the life span of the lead, Not using the correct code of lead this will also shorten the life span and vital importance must be taken when cutting raggles into walls this is what keeps the up stands water tight.

Lead is one of the softer metals that is why we must always insure correct installation.leadwork

The constant expanding and contracting of the lead which is caused by warm summers and cold winters will eventually crack, burst and split these are all signs of expire, This is why today we must insure correct installation with rubber expansion joints this should prevent this from happening and also giving the lead it full life expectancy.

We install all types of flashing whether it’s – Lead, Copper and Zinc & Aluminium.

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