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Velux Rooflight Installation Edinburgh

Channel 4 Presenter William Hardie Meets Velux Rooflight Specialists Midlothian Roofing of Edinburgh

Talking about Velux Roof Windows is Problem solving specialist William Hardie who is often seen combining his creative technical skills with Channel 4 Presenter George Clarke of Amazing Spaces. William recently came to meet Director of Midlothian Roofing Services in Edinburgh Stuart Hill. Stuart and his team are Velux Rooflight Installers and had recently professionally installed a Velux Flat Roof Window in a client’s home in Edinburgh

William was keen to know from Stuart what the benefits are of being a Velux Certified Installer. Stuart said the benefits are endless but most importantly the amount of leads the business gets is in the main peace of mind for Midlothian Roofing Services Customers. What customers need to know is that the job is going to be done correctly.

The relationship that Stuart Hill and his team have with Velux is also exceptional, because for the customer it brings further reassurance that both Velux and Midlothian Roofing Services are working together to ensure the installation of a Velux Rooflight will be done to the highest standard.

Being a certified installer of Roof Windows means also that Stuart and their team can offer customers the very latest designs such as the curved glass rooflight installation shown in the video. So with constant updates from Velux on all the latest technologies and roof window ideas customers can discuss with Stuart Hill what is possible.

How Easy Is It to Have a Velux Rooflight Window Installed?

If you use the services of Roof Contractors Midlothian Roofing the job is pretty straightforward. You obviously need to have the knowledge of what you are doing. It is not a task for the typical home owner and could be challenging for the DIY enthusiast. Stuart’s customers have been surprised how straightforward the task is, but of course that comes down to the job been doing by professionals in his team.

The New Velux Curved Glass Rooflight Design – Stuart Hills View

Quite simply, first of all the new Velux Curved Glass Rooflight design can transform the room. With the curved glass, rainfall just runs off and the water disappears through proper drainage that has been applied to the roof. This new design is being strongly recommended to any new customers. Stuart is always armed with his Velux Brochure when he goes to customers that want a rooflight job price from him. Usually when he arrives customers are unsure about what type of Velux Roof Window they want. So, with the brochure and the expert knowledge of Midlothian Roofing Services this all helps to put the customer at ease and know what they are getting.

Replacing an Old Type Velux Roof Window with the New Velux Rooflight Window Design

Replacing your old Velux Window with the new Curved Glass Roof Window can be done really quickly. You won’t have to redecorate the room.  The inside frame that is in the room won’t need to be replaced. There are of course lots of brands who provide a roof window solution. But, price is not very far away from being equal, but more importantly if it is quality you are after, and something far superior, so why would it not be a Velux Roof Window being your choice? And if you are in Edinburgh and the Lothians, and want to a Velux Rooflight Windows Installation done on your home………who are you going to call that is certified?

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