Single Ply Roofing Systems

Single Ply Roofing Systems from Edinburgh Roof Restoration Roofers.


Midlothian Roofing can provide customers throughout Edinburgh & Midlothian with a range of single ply roofing systems which can offer many benefits including a cost effective solution to your roof project and a rapid construction which will allow for early interior fit outs where necessary.

Roofing Options from Roofing Specialist Midlothian Roofing

Customers choosing to have a single ply roof system fitted by us can benefit from the following:

  • They can be constructed quickly.
  • Cost effective solution for roof projects.
  • A variety of colour options with matching profiles for eaves, verges and parapets.
  • Easy to repair, modify & refurbish.
  • Safe, flame free construction using hot air welding, adhesives and fasterners.
  • High thermal performance using thermally efficient insulation.
  • Cold bridging nullified by the useage of thermal break fasteners.
  • Effective air leakage control which meets new energy regulations.
  • Simple detailing to suit every situation.
  • Minimal roof zone depth which helps maximise freedom with design.

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