Roofing Surveys Edinburgh – Viewforth Property


Roofing Surveys Edinburgh – Midlothian Roofing with depots in Edinburgh, Dalkeith and PrestonPans carry out low cost fully comprehensive roofing surveys of high building properties and leave you with a report that is comprehensive and thorough.  This is not just a visual inspection of your roof, you may also have other concerns such as the guttering. So what we do as your local reputable roofing company is also inspect the gutters while we are up looking over the roof and can give you a quote for any roof repairs or roofing maintenance that may be necessary.

We would take pictures of your gutters to let you see their condition. Because if guttering and rhones are not regularly cleaned out they can get clogged with moss and leaves and then they can over flow causing damp on your walls.

These are photographic inspections so that you can see clearly where the problems are. As some of these pictures show on this page, we hope that they give you the confidence as to what our abseiling rope access team can achieve in being able to access any awkward high tenement buildings.

Roofing Surveys Photographic Inspections using Rope Access Abseiling Techniques

Accessing the rear of this tenement building in Edinburgh using rope access, saving the customer on scaffolding costs.

Lead detail which has been uplifted by the wind, using rope access to get to the area we installed new lead ties to prevent this happening again.

Photograph three shows one of our anchor points to the property which enables our rigging team to safely access all areas with two points of contact in place at all times.

Photograph four shows another rigging point to the property to ensure all access is possible.

Our guys in action accessing areas to repair roof slates and clean guttering of debris.

Photograph six shows another rigging point used as a deviation to gain access to all areas.

Photograph seven shows grass and vegetation which was cleared to ensure all Rhone’s and downpipes run free of rain water.

Photograph eight shows the front elevation of the property where all Rhone’s were cleared.

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